Waste Recycling Program

Description :

University of Medan Area implements pro-environmental programs through policies, actions and cooperations with other parties started by Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As well as policies implementations and green actions at the university, UMA is comitted to be worthwhile for the community and society by implementing actions ouside the campus e.g, MoU implementations in several regencies in North Sumatera, Riau and Aceh by treating waste in landfills at the stated places to minimize odor and change the waste into beneficial product called bio-fertilizer by using Alfimer methods. Moreover, a collaboration with Marbisuk foundation for a senior high school in Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatera Province was also held to augment waste management program outside the campus. The program promotes the use of biotechnology in treating organic waste to be beneficial fertilizer as well.

University of Medan Area keeps promoting recycling program ranging from treating organic waste from the forest and other vegetation sites inside the campus, recycling used papers into briquette and other beneficial products, utilizing used metal drum as sinks for hygine program corroboration and processing plastic bottles and cups into smaller parts or semi-finished products before pass it to the third party. Online marketing of the recycled products is performed through online green web-based application, namely Greenshop UMA.

Moreover, University of Medan Area has already set a green startup to facilitate green programs, not only for green products marketing the startup also aim for information sharing about foodstuff price and how to process organic waste in benefecial products.

Program to Reduce The Use of Paper and Plastic

Description :

Programs to reduce the use of paper and plastic in the University of Medan Area consist of:

  1. Policy to Reduce the Use of Plastic
  2. Online Application List in Academic and Administrative Process
  3. Double sided printing
  4. The use of water dispenser and tumblr to reduce the use of plastic from the consumption of beverage
  5. Campaign to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic in Campus
  6. Enhancing student awareness to reduce the use of plastic through student’s activities (i.e entrepreneurship).

Organic Waste Treatment

Description :

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University of Medan Area (UMA) has a good concern in processing organic waste to produce valuable and reusable products such as organic fertilizer. For that purpose, university has built a center for organic waste processing in 2016, called “Pabrik Pengolahan Pupuk Kompos”. Besides processing organic waste originated from UMA environment, UMA Compost Center also processes organic waste from traditional market around UMA. The program is implemented through academic subjects as well (i.e. Bioremediation and waste management biotechnology). In addition, some seminars are also held in Campus to enhance people awareness in managing organic waste.

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The products of each composting stage are placed separately with proper information. It is aimed to give information to visitors (e.g elementary or high school students who visit the campus for academic tour purposes).

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The organic fertilizer (compost) is marketed directly to farms in Medan, Deli Serdang, and Serdang Bedagai. Online marketing is performed through online green web-based application, namely Greenshop UMA.

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UMA keeps promotes the implementation and management of environmental sustainability either within or outside the campus area. One of the programs is performing collaboration with Marbisuk Foundation in the field of waste management. It is realized by making a workshop of treating organic waste into beneficial fertilizer (compost) for the students of SMAN 2 Panyabungan and providing technology in waste management i.e. garbage chopping machine and decomposing technology by using bacteria.

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Special treatment for used papers as well as branches and twigs is processing them into briquettes with aroma therapy by adding ingredients i.e. cinnamon powder. Online marketing is performed through online green web-based application, namely Greenshop UMA.

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In order to promote green environment sustainability UMA has already construct a startup namely greenshop UMA (https://greenshop.uma.ac.id/) that enable wider information sharing about waste management. Startup is set in web-based apps for androids that can easily accessed by using mobile phone and desktop as well.

Inorganic Waste Treatment