Waste Recycling Program

Description :

University of Medan Area (UMA) has issued policy about waste management and recycling program. UMA also established partnership for cooperation in enhancing reduce, reuse and recycle programs in campus. It is known that UMA has implemented programs for recycling purposes both for organic and inorganic waste for couple of years which is regularly promoted by encouraging students and staff to take part in the program by collecting and separating organic and inorganic waste to be treated as valuable products.

Program to Reduce The Use of Paper and Plastic

Description :

University of Medan Area has a good concern in reducing the use of plastic and paper. It is proven by issued policies, campaign as well as the implementation.

The programs consist of:

  1. Online Application List in Academic and Administrative Process
  2. Double sided printing
  3. Water dispenser to reduce the use of plastic from the consumption of beverage
  4. Campaign to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic in Campus
  5. Enhancing student awareness to reduce the use of plastic through student’s activities (i.e entrepreneurship).

Organic Waste Treatment

Description :

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 University of Medan Area (UMA) has a good concern in processing organic waste to produce valuable and reusable products such as organic fertilizer. For that purpose, university has built a center for organic waste processing in 2016, called “Pabrik Pengolahan Pupuk Kompos”. Besides processing organic waste originated from UMA environment, UMA Compost Center also processes organic waste from traditional market around UMA. The program is implemented through academic subjects as well (i.e Bioremediation and waste management biotechnology). In addition, some seminar also held in Campus to enhance people awareness in managing organic waste.

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The products of each composting stage are placed separately with proper information. It is aimed to give information to visitors (e.g elementary or high school students who visit the campus for academic tour purposes)

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The organic fertilizer (compost) is marketed to farms in Medan, Deli Serdang, and Serdang Bedagai.

Inorganic Waste Treatment

Description :

University of Medan Area has created and issued policy and regulation about inorganic waste management. Inorganic waste is collected and placed in separated bins. The collected waste is chopped before then transferred to other party for further treatment.

Toxic Waste Handled

Description :

Toxic waste at the University of Medan Area is collected and stored in a distinctive place for toxic waste treatment. The waste is then passed to other party for further treatment.

Sewerage Disposal

Description :

The document above presented septic tank design replacing old-fashioned one which managed indidually for each building.