A. Recycling Program For University Waste

University wastes are managed by a couple of procedures and treatments. As an awareness of sustainability Paper, plastic and metal wastes are sorted and collected before being released to waste recycler. The activities were programmed to reduce plastic accumulated in landfills whereas organic wastes are processed into compost.

B. Organic and Inorganic Waste Treatment

Organic wastes are fully processed into compost. The compost produce then use internally as natural fertilizer. Also, University inorganic  waste are collected and transfer to the waste recycle.

C. Toxic Waste Handled

Toxic Waste Handled (University of Medan Area, Indonesia)

Wastes containing toxic such as fluorescent lamps and cartridges are included and inventoried after being
collected from each unit to avoid potential hazard caused by the stuff.

D. Sewerage Disposal

Each building in UMA has its own septic tank. This feature was designed to provide sufficient space for sewerage disposal.