The Total Number of Vehicles (Cars and Motorcycles) Divided by Total Campus' Population

Description :

The Total Number of Vehicles (Cars and Motorcycles) Divided by Total Campus’ Population : 0.25


Shuttle Services

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University of Medan Area (UMA) buses are not used for picking up academics, but only for particular occasion that needs more space for passengers such as field trip. While the transportation to UMA usually reach by public transportation, but the public transportation only can reach UMA gates. The entry of public services to campus area is prohibited. The access to each building inside campus could easily reach by walk. For those who has limited ability in walking i.e those who have health problems or aged staffs the university provides zero emission vehicles for traveling inside the campus.

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Policy

Description :

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) regulation at the University of Medan Area is stated in Rector’s policy about Green Campus which was issued on March 2019. The provided ZEV consists of electric cars and bicycles. The electric cars are used for shuttle services, watering plants and shipping organic waste from the markets around the university to be processed as compost. Facilities for bicycle riders are also provided i.e. bicycle line and bicycle parking lots.

The total number of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) divided by total campus population


The Total Number of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Divided by Total Campus Population :

Electrics Cars + Electric Bicycle + Bicycle Provided by University  / Campus Population (Regular Students + Academic & Administrative Staff)

= 20 + 4 + 3 / 2544 + 356

= 27 / 2900

= 0.009

Ratio of Parking Area

Description :

Total Parking Area    = Parking area A + Parking area B + Parking area C + Parking area of Lecturers & staff = 484.71 m2 + 3311.01 m2 + 1452.68 m2 + 680.59 m2 = 5928.99 m2 Ratio Parking Area = (5.12 / 1.5) X 100% = (5928.99 m2 / 138775.79 m2) x 100% = 4.27 %

Transportation Initiatives to Decrease Private Vehicles on Campus

Description :

In order to limit private vehicle usage in campus, University of Medan Area provides facilities for bicycle users, i.e. bicycle line and parking lots, electric cars, electric bicycles, and grab bike shelter.

Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus

Description :

Pedestrians path at the University of Medan area have been equipped with signs and delineators for safety and convenient seats at some spots with free ready to drink RO (reverse osmosis) water.