A. Parking Area Type

UMA has the horizontal parking area type

Open Space Parking (University of Medan Area, Indonesia).

B. Shuttle Services

Public transport service is available  (University of Medan Area, Indonesia )

UMA total area is 89160 m2, with 1 km approximately travel distance inside the campus, the feature showed that shuttle services do not need inside the campus. Some students ride the bicycle instead of using another kind of vehicles, for convenient access to University public transports called Angkutan Kota (Angkot) are available as well. University provides two buses (Angkot) stop at the entrance gate campus.

C. Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy on Campus

UMA provides bicycle and pedestrian way inside the campus. This feature was made to ease and to help bicycle rider and pedestrian to travel inside the campus. The route is also available inside the campus forest.

Pedestrian and Bicycle way (University of Medan Area, Indonesia).