Setting and Infrastructure

Campus Sites

Description :

Universitas Medan Area has two campus sites. The main campus is located at Kolam Street No. 1 / PBSI Building No. 1 Medan Estate, Percut Sei Tuan. It consists of 6 main buildings with 3 to 4 floors which are occupied by faculties such as Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Science and Technology and Bureau building. The main campus also has Library, Laboratories, Student Dormitory, and Mosque At- Taqwa. While another one is located within the city center of Medan, at Sei Serayu Sreet No.70A/ Setia Budi Street No.79B, Tanjung Rejo, Medan. It consists of 2 main buildings which are occupied by Faculty of Economic and Business and Postgraduate that consists of some programs, they are master of Public Administration, Master of Agribusiness, Master of Law Science and Master of Psychology which is also equipped with Laboratories and Mosque.

The University has more students at the Setiabudi campus which is easier to access due to its location. In this assessment we focus on the main campus which has more possibilities and advantages to develop in order to gain environmental sustainability efforts. The main campus also in demand by students since it has convenient learning atmosphere and green environment. The number of students in the main campus could be seen in the table below:

Registered Active Students in The Main Campus for Academic Year of 2021/2022



Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering




Industrial Engineering


Informatics Engineering








Public Administration


Government Studies


Communication Studies









Main Campus Setting

Description :

Total Campus Area (m2)

Description :

Total area : 138,775.79 m2

Total distance : 2.30 km (1.43 mil)

University of Medan Area has total area of 138,775.79 m2 with the ratio of open space area is 87,28% larger than buildings area. The forest is usually used for academic activities especially by the faculty of psychology, biology, and communication studies program, while the fields are usually used by the faculty of agriculture as the experimental farms.

Total Area on Campus Covered in Forest Vegetation

Description :

Total area : 21,723.04 m2

Total distance/circumference : 591.18 m

The total area on campus covered in forest vegetation in University of Medan Area is about 21723.04 m2which is dominated by rare plant species. Not only providing oxygen, ptotecting water shade and reducing heat, the forest is also used for academic activities, such as photography and videography class which are held by communication studies department, taxonomy class which is held by biology department, etc. The butterfly park is also set within the forest area and occupied for educational purposes as well. It is one of UMA open spaces for visitors.

Total area on campus for water absorption besides the forest and planted vegetation

Description :​

University of Medan Area has the total area on campus covered in planted vegetation of 36772 m2. The commodity varies ranging from chili, watermelon, eggplant, and kinds of medicinal plants such as ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, etc. The vegetation consists of cultivated plants for agriculture faculty academic activities and for landscape purposes.