Energy and Climate Change

Energy Efficient Appliances Usage

Description :

University of Medan Area has been already equipped with energy efficient appliances such as LED bulb, energy saving switch, voice & movement detector, and energy saving air conditioner for electiricy usage efficiency.

Smart Building Implementation

Description :

University of Medan Area has already used some smart building features such as building design which provides natural day lighting and good ventilation. The buildings also equipped with sensors for energy efficiency, this action also augmented by the use of LED bulbs and other electricity efficient appliances i.e energy saving air conditioners which are 70% more efficient compared to ordinary air conditioners. The buildings at the University of Medan Area also possess water recovery system for flushing which extended by the utilization of water efficient appliances. For safety reason the buildings are equipped with fire fighter system and CCTV. Air quality and temperature are monitored and examined regularly to keep comfortable indoor environment.

Academic activities at the University of Medan Area not only conducted at the faculty, laboratory, rectorate and administrative buildings but also the student dormitory and At- Taqwa mosque. The dormitory has a meeting room which is usually used for some presentation and discussion class, while the mosque is used for Islamic class

Renewable Energy Sources

Description :

University of Medan Area has two renewable energy resources, i.e. solar and wind power. It could significantly reduce fossil energy (electricity) usage.  It is counted as 47.64% lower than last year.

Green Building Implementation

Description :

Green building implementation has been developed in University of Medan Area which is presented by the application of natural day lighting and ventilation features, the use of LED bulb, eco-flush toilet, water efficient faucet, and rainwater recovery system for toilet flushing and drinking water

Total Carbon Footprint (CO2 Emission)

Description :

Carbon footprint in 2020 is 16.19% lower than Carbon footprint in 2019.

Motorcycle parking lots are located near the entry gate (approximately 50 meters far from the entry gate). Riding motorcycle inside campus area is not allowed.