A. Energy Efficient Appliances Usage are Replacing Conventional Appliances

University Medan Area has a proper concern of sustainability of energy saving. An awareness of energy efficiency has been proven by the installation of LED bulb as lighting appliances replacing the fluorescent lamp.

The LED bulb is known more efficiently compared to the fluorescent lamp. The plant was started in the late of August 2017. The effort is expected to decrease the energy demand for lighting in University Medan Area.

Before replacement
Before replacement
After replacement

B. Smart Building Implementation

University Medan Area has several buildings which are designed and built with smart building concept and supplied with sufficient natural day lighting and ventilation.

The concept was established to help people inside the buildings stay comfort performing their activities even though there is no electrical power for lighting or air conditioning.


C. Elements Of Green Building Implementation as Reflected in All Construction and Renovation Policy

Natural ventilation and Full natural day lighting have been implemented to buildings in UMA since establishment. The concept was designed to ensure a convenience atmosphere in the buildings for people activities for learning and administrative matters as well.

D. Greenhouse gas emission reductions program

In order reducing the greenhouse gas emission, UMA enacted tree planting policy to each new students. The policy got a positive response from the students. They involved in the program and promoted green campus among the communities. Another program planned to reduce greenhouse gas emission inside the campus is off-campus parking area translocation.



E. The Ratio of Total Carbon Footprint towards Campus Population

The carbon footprint was calculated using formulas cited in UI greenmetric guidance, which considered some factors consist of the number of vehicle and people and open space area. Here is the total carbon footprint (CO2) emission in the last 12 months of University Medan Area.